Although my educational background lies in the field of biochemistry and I am currently engaged, due to circumstances, in an entirely different field, I have never lost interest in how the brain works and why people think and act the way they do. Over the past years it has become easier for the amateur to keep abreast of biological and psychological developments using the internet and this is essentially the root of how the studies on both brain memory and complementary and alternative therapies were made. Once started on these areas things automatically drifted towards the hottest topic of all - consciousness.

Whatever ideas are expressed here, they are my own based on independent research and a modicum of conjecture. They may be wrong, but all ideas stimulate discussion or force re-evaluation of techniques, hypotheses etc. and so ultimately nothing is lost by their open expression. I hope you enjoy reading my views on the various topics and I look forward to your comments.

                                                                      ELIZABETH SALT BSc PhD


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